Friday, June 30, 2006

Food miles

We've started getting an organic veg box delivered from Abel and Cole. They've got quite a nice website where you can place standing orders for various size boxes which they fill with in-season veg from local suppliers.

We started buying 'organic' veg when we got Jamie home, as we figured he'd had enough random chemicals in hospital without adding pesticides etc. In the supermarkets though, the tiny amount of organic stuff they have is typically imported from a long way away - Egypt, Israel and Argentina seem to be popular. It does seem silly to me to transport, say, butternut squash from 8000 miles away. Seeing as we live in Kent, it's even sillier to ship apples from more than 10 miles away - we accidentally bought some recently that had come from some far flung corner of Europe.

I read somewhere that Germany send as many potatoes to the UK as we ship to Germany - the bbc did a piece about it if you want to read more.

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