Friday, September 22, 2006

Global Cooling ??

Hmmm, a group of russian researchers have come to the conclusion that we are heading for a mini ice age, and soon - good news for skiers but possibly a problem for anyone north of, say, Madrid.

Richard Branson hurls cash at environment

Spotted this piece on the BBC today - Sir Richard Branson is apparently going to hand over all the profits from his travel businesses to go to environmental research, via a company called Virgin Fuels - in the region of three billion dollars. Looks like they're starting off with ethonol etc sourced from biological processes - makes sense, as that could easily replace diesel in his trains, for example. Some prop drivel aircraft (see here) can run on a bio-diesel blend already, so with a bit of research cash it could be used for shorthaul flights too.

Well done Richard Branson, for having the courage and the cash to make a stand on the environment. Lets hope that a few more multibillionaires have the same idea; clearly the governments aren't interested so as usual scientific progress is up to a few people with the will and the cash to do it.

Now if someone could bung an odd million or so towards equipment for the Great Ormond Street neonatal unit, I'd be really happy :-)

Monday, September 04, 2006

Greenpeace looses its taste for juice pt3

Here is NPower's explaination. They were trying to correct an error in the government calculations for reduced UK carbon emmisions :-0


Good afternoon Mr Payne,

Thanks for your email.

Earlier in the year all European countries published figures for reductions in the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted from power stations. However, the UK Government miscalculated its figures for the basis of these reductions. As a result npower, together with other energy businesses, decided to initiate legal action against the European Commission to get approval for this major error to be corrected.

Although Greenpeace understands our position, they are completely opposed to any increase in the level of CO2 emissions. On this fundamental point of principle we have been unable to find common ground and, as a result, the formal relationship between us will end in August.

Although Greenpeace will no longer formally endorse Juice, they will be happy to recommend it as the best non-premium green electricity product.

Trust this has answered your query.


Steven Wright
Correspondence Department
Midlands Electric
tel: 0845 166 3443

new solar panel manuf facity

A few people have figured out how to print solar panels, and with a little backing from people like the founders of Google and Swiss Re.

They hope to get up and running next year, producing panels at about a tenth of current prices. How long then before we can actually /afford/ (as cash stapped proles) to use solar extensively for domestic power production ?

Tornado powered ? describes a method of harnessing the energy from a man-made tornado to generate electricity - no mean feat if they can pull if off.