Friday, September 22, 2006

Global Cooling ??

Hmmm, a group of russian researchers have come to the conclusion that we are heading for a mini ice age, and soon - good news for skiers but possibly a problem for anyone north of, say, Madrid.


NickH said...

As I understand it, with Global Warming raising temperatures, the Gulf Stream (which keeps Britain cool in the summer and warm in the winter) will simply cease to exist, meaning that our weather would become similar to weather on a similar latitude, Like New York, where cars freeze to the road and it's so hot in the summer that you could fry goats on the pavement.

Anonymous said...

Antony, completely unrelated to this post, but I have just opened an account with Abel & Cole after reading about them on here, I mentioned your name as where I got my recommendation. I'm just had an e-mail from them saying the can't find an account in your name. Do you still have an account as they will give you a bottle of wine or olive oil for recommending them.

I hope you don't mind,

Rachael Pearce (nurse on OFNU)

Antony said...

Hi Rachael,
It's probably in Sharon's name. Drop us a mail on ant at loadtrax dot com ; no probs about mentioning us for a referral, so long as we get our free wine :-)

That reminds me, colin, have you ordered yet ? Do us a favour and mention us would you *grin*


Will said...

I know of a nice little warm retreat just south of Seville. :)