Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hanbury Hall and the national trust

The national trust are going all green - as a conservational body they approve of the idea of reducing their impact on the environment, so they are starting a number of 'green' initiatives. One of which is a green energy tarrif in association with npower. Another is using renewables where possible.

I spotted this anomoly at Hanbury Hall - I couldn't find out much about it, but it does look rather incongruous seeing the ultra modern thin film solar panels, mounted on a 300 year old wall in front of a 500 year old house:

I /think/ its for powering a fountain - if anyone figures it out for sure, let me know !

Friday, September 14, 2007

The last horse finally crosses the finishing line

According to Professor John Marburger scientific advisor to President Bush, climate change is almost certainly due to the activities of mankind and we need to start reducing CO2 emissions. President Bush is going to invite leaders from major nations to the White House this month to discuss the problem.

Thanks for the timely response guys.

Find out more about Professors Marburger's cutting edge look into established facts and the painfully obvious here.