Friday, September 14, 2007

The last horse finally crosses the finishing line

According to Professor John Marburger scientific advisor to President Bush, climate change is almost certainly due to the activities of mankind and we need to start reducing CO2 emissions. President Bush is going to invite leaders from major nations to the White House this month to discuss the problem.

Thanks for the timely response guys.

Find out more about Professors Marburger's cutting edge look into established facts and the painfully obvious here.

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Trudy said...

Very typical of them!

Thing is how to convince the non-belivers in the general public, that they should at least care about the resources that are running out, beacuse we are using them more quickly than ever and we shouldn't just throw things in the ground.

I'm hearing a lot of of arguments for and against man-made and natural global warming, people claiming that scientists are backing both views.

I for one believe that if it is natural then we shouldn't add to it, since when did the dinosaurs have an industrial revolution!

If it's us, then we need to come up with viable alternatives. Unfortunately I'm hopeless on a bike, and I can't carry much these days, buses are hopless here, but I tried to find something that used less fuel so bought a diesel..

Cross fingers for a wake-up call before it's too late :)