Monday, August 21, 2006

Truly fantastic news

I know many of you come to this blog because of your concern for the environment and how our growing need for energy has become a threat to the world we live on. Tonight I want you to sleep soundly in your beds. We have no need to concern ourselves with the petty ideas of domestic solar panels or wind turbines. Biodiesel and biogas plants are redundent. Fossil fuels and nuclear power can be placed in the dustbin of history. Rejoice brothers and sisters for the holy grail of energy is in the hands of man at last.

A company called Steorn have produced a limitless energy supply with no impact on the environment and an effective efficiency greater than 100% !!!!!! They do not explain how it works or what it looks like and they have not had it verified by any scientist whatsoever. They also undertsndibly claim that their idea "represents a significant challenge to our current understanding of the universe".

I am confident that within the next five years the worlds energy problems will be solved giving us time to abolish war, famine and disease as well as invent jetpacks and meals in pill form.

Learn more here.

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NickH said...

The publicity machine is now in full swing, and Steorn has now put out a challenge to scientists to validate their wonder machine:

If you believe the hype, in the past 11 days since the challenge was laid down, 3,979 scientists have expressed an interest in testing the tech, with a further 50,308 people registered as being interested in any results.

It still smells of arse gravy of the highest quality.