Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pledge Bank

Re-discovered pledgebank today, and signed up to one by Steve Jalim to 'replace all of the traditional light bulbs in my home with low energy versions'.

Click on to show your support.

Steve Jalim's pledge will close on 31st December 2006 and it currently needs the support of 60 people before it goes into action.


Colin Payne said...

I would have no problem signing up to this pledge if I hadn't already done this 2 years ago. Mmmmmmm smug sense of self-satisfaction.

Antony said...

I'm cheating really; I've only got one suitable fitting left - though the only place that sells that size at anything like a sensible price is Ikea; driving a 60 mile round trip just to buy a lightbulb seems like the kind of thing central government would come up with, so I'm waiting for them to start their delivery service or until we've got some other stuff to get.

I'm after saving energy and money; no smug sense of self satisfation necessary :-)

Colin Payne said...

I have had furniture delivered by Ikea and their delivery cost are ridiculous, it's probably cheaper to buy the bulbs locally at their usual massively inflated price.

I also save energy and money, the self-satisfaction is merely a bonus :-)