Thursday, March 29, 2007

Air Powered Car

A french company called MDI (Moteur Developpement International) have developed an engine powered by compressed air and a car for it it to go in. The car called the MiniCat should sell for about £5,500, have a top speed of about 70 mph and be able to cover about 125 miles on fully charged tank. The cost of charging a tank of air should be about £1 and could be done from home or fuel stations. This is hardly a performance car but it is a very economic and practical solution for everyday use. More information can be found here. Now for the pic: -


Antony said...

WHY WHY WHY do they have to make cars that use alternative fuel look stupid ? It's as if the designers say, right lads, we could sew up the transport market, but because we are short sighted and stupid, lets make it look like a turd so as not to overwealm our manufacturing facility with pesky customers.


Colin Payne said...

It is a real pity that such a good idea has been made to look so awful. They obviously wanted to reduce the weight of the car body but the could have made it look a hell of a lot better. At least the real breakthrough is the engine that could be put in something better looking and you have to admit that a car that can do 125 miles for £1 and be charged from home is attractive.