Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Aircon ?

Aircon isn't particularly environmentally friendly, but running it in reverse to do heating can be, as you are moving thermal energy from outside to inside rather than converting it directly from the electricity supply. Finally someone has released a device that works both ways, and doesn't have a stupid price tag.

Tony pointed out that if you have a wind turbine, this would be a completely free way to heat your house, particularly at night when it is often a) cold, b) windy c) you don't have anything much using electricity .


Lorraine Lee said...

Hi Antony,

As promised - a couple of things I've learnt from living in Oz...

My apartment has no heating or aircon, so I have to be a little creative in keeping cool/warm. I have lovely high ceilings with Venetian blinds. I've found that if I slant the blinds so I can see out looking down - I get less sunlight and it feels cooler.
If I slant the blinds so that the sun shines down through the blinds - I get a little more warmth.

The Australian's need for water conservation is about as great as the need for energy conservation. In tackling this they have dual flush toilets. The full flush is normal, the half flush is less powerful and uses half tyhe water. Don't know the affordability/availability of this in the UK, but here it's been standard for many years. http://eriss.erin.gov.au/settlements/industry/corporate/eecp/case-studies/caroma-dfe.html

nickh said...

What is the most acceptable way of cooling down a house? My bedroom was 30C last night, my computer room even hotter and the stand-up fans I had in place were ineffective.