Monday, July 10, 2006

Peak Oil

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NickH said...

More4 recently had a show called "Robert Newman's History Of Oil".

Yes, the Mary Whitehouse Experience/History Today guy. He's an Anarchist these days.

Aside from various theories about the back-story to the Iraq wars, Peak Oil was also covered as part of the possible motivations behind the wars.

He also covers the current theories on how to feed and power a growing population when you don't have oil. You basically have to turn the entire population vegetarian, and recycle *everything*.

*Everything*. Including humans and other animals.

Even then there's a massive shortfall compared to today. Newman likened it to reversing the Industrial Revolution.

For those heathens who use BitTorrent to download TV programmes, you might still be able to get a low-quality version downloaded from UKNova.

Google Video, ever-lax about copyright these days, also has the show:

It's an interesting show to watch even if you don't agree with the ideas and theories presented.