Monday, July 31, 2006

Consumer solar ?

Currys have started selling solar panels in retain outlets :

Maybe the start of a solar revolution ? We desparately need the price of solar to come down; it's just not affordable for anyone but the very rich at the moment; from a financial point of view it's crazy installing solar panels; you're looking at £10,000 to install enough to knock say £200 per year off your electricity bill. The panels are rated to last about 30 years.


nickh said...

Personally I just want to sit back and watch a Currys Saturday boy try and sell one of these...

Colin Payne said...

- Hello Sir, I see you are interested our solar panels.

- Yes can you tell me a little about them?

- You put them your roof and they turn sunlight in electricity, possibly by witchcraft.

- I see, will they help the environment?

- Yes Sir.

- Will they save me money?

- Well they only cost £10,000 and can save you £200 a year so you will get the money back in no time.
Where did he go?

Anonymous said...

And I bet the C place won't tell you about this lot...

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